Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Building inter personal coordination through productive communication

We live in society. not alone but associating various people. This inter- personal coordination. We need others' assistance on numerous occasions To give us assistance they should know our problems. By associating with them it is possible for us to understand them and their abilities while we provide similar assistance to them You should have the ability to communicate with others so as to maintain relationships with them If we can tell others what we want briefly we can develop coordination with them. Coordination is built according to the way we talk and the words we use You will get the assistance of others when you are in need of help. Therefore you too should be with them in their need and should provide them with whatever you can offer them Each member of your family attends to his/ her duties. There may be occasions when they cannot perform them alone. If you assist your parents or any others in their various activities you will be rewarded with their respect Whenever they are sick or in any form of distress, you can attend to them. help them and make them feel how much you love them. In your family matters you will be considered a very sensitive person Even in school you are aperson of some significance. There is a certain amount of work entrusted to you. It may be a very trivial duty. Even though it may not be a serious matter you should perform it considering it as one of your duties. If you do not perform your duties, others in school may face difficulties It is your duty to ensure that you do whatever duty is entrusted to you. Therefore, you should cooperate sincerely in the general matters of the school.

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