Thursday, April 13, 2017

The rabbit and the lion

Once upon a time in a beautiful place, there were lots of animals. In this place, they would eat grass in the afternoons and drink water in the evenings.

 One day a rabbit went to drink water. There was a big tree near the place to drink water A big branch fell down from the big tree, *whoosh*, into the water. When the rabbit heard the noise, it was scared and ran away.

On the run, it met other animals along the way who were also going to drink water. He told the other animals, "Oh you shouldn't go and drink water today, there’s a scary creature where the water is. They asked him, "What kind of creature is there? " He replied, "A really scary creature that makes a *whoosh * sound!".

As soon as they heard this, the other animals got scared and ran away.  Running, running, running... after a while they met a lion, the lion asked them, "Where are you all going?". The animals said, "There’s a really scary creature where the water is”.  "What kind of creature?" asked the lion. They replied, "A really scary creature that makes a whoosh* sound!" The lion said, "There's no such creature that makes a *whoosh sound". Let's all go there together and take a look, you don't have to be afraid.

 All the animals went there together, when the lion went near the water it only saw the branch that had fallen from the tree but no creature. Lion said, "You don't have to be afraid. The cowardly rabbit made you all afraid for no reason". And just like that, brave lion put all the animals at ease.