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Building inter personal coordination through productive communication

We live in society. not alone but associating various people. This inter- personal coordination. We need others' assistance on numerous occasions To give us assistance they should know our problems. By associating with them it is possible for us to understand them and their abilities while we provide similar assistance to them You should have the ability to communicate with others so as to maintain relationships with them If we can tell others what we want briefly we can develop coordination with them. Coordination is built according to the way we talk and the words we use You will get the assistance of others when you are in need of help. Therefore you too should be with them in their need and should provide them with whatever you can offer them Each member of your family attends to his/ her duties. There may be occasions when they cannot perform them alone. If you assist your parents or any others in their various activities you will be rewarded with their respect Whenever they are sick or in any form of distress, you can attend to them. help them and make them feel how much you love them. In your family matters you will be considered a very sensitive person Even in school you are aperson of some significance. There is a certain amount of work entrusted to you. It may be a very trivial duty. Even though it may not be a serious matter you should perform it considering it as one of your duties. If you do not perform your duties, others in school may face difficulties It is your duty to ensure that you do whatever duty is entrusted to you. Therefore, you should cooperate sincerely in the general matters of the school.

Why did Quality Teaching become an issue of importance?

Recent trends in higher education have increased the attention given to the quality of the teaching offered to the students. First, the advent of mass higher education in the 1960s and even more so in the 1980s produced a shift in the conception of the role of universities. It questioned the nature of the relationship between teaching and research. In fact, according to Coaldrake and Stedman (1999), until the late nineteenth century, teaching was the major function of universities. But the export of the German model of research and teaching to the UK and the USA led research to become the sine qua non of the University during the 20th century, whereas teaching was often perceived as a second-class activity. But because of the expansion of the higher education sector, the importance of teaching is now being reexamined and reassessed.
The States and the students demand that the learning experience be worth their money
Second, changes in the funding structure of many universities also increased the focus on the quality of teaching. The modern State, the “evaluative state” (Neave, 1998) is a State that has concerns dominated by value for money and public accountability. Higher Education Institutions must learn to respond to these concerns about finances.
Moreover, higher education is increasingly seen as an investment that should contribute to national prosperity in the long term. Therefore the return on the investment must be good (Yorke, 2000). Quality assurance in higher education has also become a focus of attention for private universities (Jones, 2003). Students - who are increasingly paying tuition fees- might now be considered as “clients” of higher education institutions (Telford & Masson, 2005). Students are therefore also very concerned about the quality of the lectures they pay for. As the “culture of higher education” has become “increasingly market-oriented” (Green, 1993), external demands for quality of teaching have increased.
The Student body is changing, teaching methods are too.
Last, the student body itself has changed considerably since the 1960s, hence modifying expectations regarding teaching. To begin with, in most developed countries, increasing social diversity has transformed the student body at university level. Higher education is no longer reserved to the elite. Next, the Internet has globalised the market place, and institutions are increasingly competing for the best students, nationally and internationally. Many professors are now teaching international students, and consequently must develop new pedagogical strategies.
Teaching methods have also evolved. Professors who wish to incorporate aspects of on-line learning need to become familiar with new pedagogical methods. Distance education in print form is being supplemented by Internet – based delivery. Mixed modes of learning have become common: the majority of cross-border distance programmes now involve some form of face-to-face pedagogical or administrative
contact, sometimes visits to study centres. Generally people in remote locations and working adults are the first to experience these new forms of learning.
Vocational training institutions, which prepare learners for careers that are based on practical activities, are no longer shun. They are now fully considered as an important part of most higher education systems. Last, lifelong learning now offers a second chance to those who did not attain higher education or to those for whom the knowledge and skills acquired in school are no longer sufficient for a professional career spanning three or four decades (Marginson, Van der Wende, 2007). For instance, the European Union adopted in October 2006 a Communication entitled "It's never too late to learn", which claims that lifelong learning is at the heart of the ambitious Lisbon 2010-process (Marginson, Van der Wende, 2007).
Change fosters reflection and debate
Higher education has changed in the past twenty years: the number of students has dramatically increased, funding concerns have changed, and the student body has diversified. The current “knowledge era” has reintroduced transfer of knowledge as a major contributor to growth and business success.
As globalization continues, the national and international competition for the best students is likely to increase among higher education institutions, thus only reinforcing pressure for Quality Teaching and quality assurance. It is likely that international rankings based on the quality of teaching will be set forth, thus reinforcing the attractiveness of quality initiatives. Moreover, there are more and more students who study at various universities, benefitting from opportunities like Erasmus or international scholarships. These students are likely to compare the quality of the teaching received at these different institutions.
A generation of new teachers will soon come in to replace the baby boomers when the later retire. These new teachers will have grown up with the Internet and will have a renewed vision of what good teaching is. A possible change is that the faculty might come to adopt a more integrated professional identity, through for instance the reconceptualization of the relationship between teaching, learning and research (Bauer & Henkel, 1997).
Because of all these changes, several questions have received increased attention such as: “Can the possession of a PHD be taken as a proxy for teaching competence” (Ryan, Fraser & Dearn, 2004)? More fundamentally, what constitutes “good” and appropriate teaching? How can a “quality culture” in higher education that supports Quality Teaching be defined and achieved?


Gum disease

The first stage of gum disease is called gingivitis, which is the only stage that is reversible. If not treated, gingivitis may lead to a more serious, destructive form of gum/periodontal disease called periodontitis. It is possible to have gum disease and have no warning signs. That is one reason why regular dental checkups and periodontal examinations are so important. Treatment methods depend upon the type of disease and how far the condition has progressed. Good oral hygiene at home is essential to help keep periodontal disease from becoming more serious or recurring. Brush twice a day, clean between your teeth daily, eat a balanced diet, and schedule regular dental visits for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Missing Teeth

Did you know that the average adult between the ages of 20 and 64 has three or more decayed or missing teeth? If you are missing one or more teeth, there are plenty of reasons to correct the problem. For one thing, a large space between your teeth may affect how you speak or eat. Even if it’s not noticeable, a missing molar can affect how you chew. Remaining teeth may shift and in some cases, bone loss can occur around a missing tooth. With today’s advances, you don’t have to suffer from missing teeth.
Here are some options to replace a lost tooth or teeth. Talk to your dentist about which option is best for you: 
  • Bridges. Anchored to your adjacent teeth, these can be removable or fixed, depending on your mouth, your dentist’s recommendation and your needs.
  • Dentures. An option if you’ve lost all or most of your teeth.
  • Implants. Most similar to a natural tooth.


If hot or cold foods make you wince, you may have a common dental problem—sensitive teeth. Sensitivity in your teeth can happen for several reasons, including:
Sensitive teeth can be treated. Your dentist may recommend desensitizing toothpaste or an alternative treatment based on the cause of your sensitivity. Proper oral hygiene is the key to preventing sensitive-tooth pain. Ask your dentist if you have any questions about your daily oral hygiene routine or concerns about tooth sensitivity.

Dry mouth

Everyone’s mouth can be dry sometimes, but if you feel like your mouth is always dry, it may be time to seek treatment. Medications and certain health conditions can lead to dry mouth. A dentist will check your teeth for signs of decay that can result from decreased salivary flow. A physician will test for any underlying disease or conditions that may be causing your dry mouth. Having a dry mouth is not itself serious but taking care of your teeth and gums and regular dental visits are important when living with dry mouth. Without the cleansing effects ofsaliva, tooth decay and other oral health problems become more common. Patients using oral inhalers for asthma often develop oral candidiasis, an oral fungal infection, and are encouraged to rinse their mouths with water after using the inhaler. Tell your dentist what medications you are taking and any other information about your health that may help identify the cause of your dry mouth.

Oropharyngeal Cancer

Ororpharyngeal cancer can affect any area of the oropharyngeal cavity including the lips, gum tissue, check lining, tongue, jaw the hard or soft palate and throat. It often starts as a tiny, unnoticed white or red spot or sore or swelling anywhere in the mouth or throat. 
During your dental visit, your dentist can talk to you about your health history and examine these areas for signs of mouth and/or throat cancer. Regular visits to your dentist can improve the chances that any suspicious changes in your oral health will be caught early, at a time when cancer can be treated more easily.
The symptoms of mouth or throat cancer can include:
  • sores that bleed easily or do not heal
  • a thick or hard spot or lump
  • a roughened or crusted area
  • numbness, pain or tenderness
  • a change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite down.
Make sure to tell your dentist about any problems you have when chewing, swallowing, speaking or moving your tongue or jaw. Regular dental check-ups, including an examination of the entire mouth, are essential in the early detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions.

The ERP system

Functions of ERP

After increasing the complexity in business process , ERP has become famous among business community . If we have to define it in simple way. Then we can say that ERP is the new invention of Information technology in which experts make the system for integration of all business processes. For this, they utilize different software and hardware, with this all process of business like , accounting , human resource , production and now marketing are managed . Now , ERP whose full name is enterprise resource planning ( some says enterprise resource processing ) is very scientific technique of Controlling whole business by coordination of all information on shared data base . This technique was firstly introduced by information technology research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. in 1990

1. With ERP, business can better control over its billing to customers and receivables. With the ability to automate processes. It provides better operational, financial and accounting control over its billing operations and receivables.
2. ERP system can be used for accomplish every task by integrating the information system, seamless flow of information across every department. It is helpful to make automation of every business process.
3. Because ERP works on IT's basic rules 'input -process-output ', So it is also using as management information system (MIS).
4. ERP treats the organization as single entity and caters to the information needs of the whole organization because information is the key resource of every organization to win the competition. ERP system provides accurate, relevant and timeliness information to all department on one software system.
5. Main function of ERP system and softwares is to provide information updated and on real time.
6. In ERP, you can get answer of any query by its powerful query and filtering facility.
7. Now advance ERP softwares packages are providing the facility to manage import –export
8. ERP system can easily use in Government, healthcare, financial, retail and other service sectors .

Key Functions of ERP

1. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
2. AMS (Attendance Monitoring System)
3. CAD/CAM/CAE (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing/Computer Aided Engineering)
4. DMS (Document Management System)
5. CMS (Communication management Systems)

6. SMS (Security Management System)

Advantages of ERP System

In order to understand computer networks better, it would be helpful to have an overview of the applications running on the network. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an important enterprise application that integrates all the individual department functions into a single software application. ERP Systems make it easier to track the workflow across various departments. They reduce the operational costs involved in manually tracking and (perhaps) duplicating data using individual & disparate systems. let us have a look at the advantages and of implementing ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) Software Systems.

1. Complete visibility into all the important processes, across various departments of an organization (especially for senior management personnel).
2. Automatic and coherent workflow from one department/function to another, to ensure a smooth transition and quicker completion of processes. This also ensures that all the interdepartmental activities are properly tracked and none of them is missed out.
3. A unified and single reporting system to analyze the statistics/status etc. in real-time, across all functions/departments.
4. Since same (ERP) software is now used across all departments, individual departments having to buy and maintain their own software systems is no longer necessary.
5. Certain ERP vendors can extend their ERP systems to provide Business Intelligence functionalities that can give overall insights on business processes and identify potential areas of problems/improvements.
6. Advanced e-commerce integration is possible with ERP systems – most of them can handle web-based order tracking/ processing.
7. There are various modules in an ERP system like Finance/Accounts, Human Resource Management, Manufacturing, Marketing/Sales, Supply Chain/Warehouse Management, CRM, Project Management, etc.
8. Since ERP is a modular software system, its possible to implement either a few modules (or) many modules based on the requirements of an organization. If more modules implemented, the integration between various departments may be better.
9. Since a Database system is implemented on the backend to store all the information required by the ERP system, it enables centralized storage/back-up of all enterprise data.
10. ERP systems are more secure as centralized security policies can be applied to them. All the transactions happening via the ERP systems can be tracked.

11. It is possible to integrate other systems (like bar-code reader, for example) to the ERP system through an API (Application Programing Interface).

Disadvantages of ERP Systems

1. ERP deployments are highly time-consuming – projects may take 1-3 years (or more) to get completed and fully functional.
2. Too little customization may not integrate the ERP system with the business process & too much customization may slow down the project and make it difficult to upgrade.
3. The cost savings/payback may not be realized immediately after the ERP implementation & it is quite difficult to measure the same.
4. The participation of users is very important for successful implementation of ERP projects – hence, exhaustive user training and simple user interface might be critical. But ERP systems are generally difficult to learn (and use).
5. There maybe additional indirect costs due to ERP implementation – like new IT infrastructure, upgrading the WAN links, etc.
6. Migration of existing data to the new ERP systems is difficult (or impossible) to achieve. Integrating ERP systems with other stand alone software systems is equally difficult (if possible). These activities may consume a lot of time, money & resources, if attempted.
7. ERP implementations are difficult to achieve in decentralized organizations with disparate business processes and systems.
8. Once an ERP systems is implemented it becomes a single vendor lock-in for further upgrades, customizations etc. Companies are at the discretion of a single vendor and may not be able to negotiate effectively for their services.

9. Evaluation prior to implementation of ERP system is critical. If this step is not done properly and experienced technical/business resources are not available while evaluating, ERP implementations can (and have) become a failure.

Problems with Non-IT systems

1. Data Redundancy
Data redundancy is a condition created within a database or data storage technology in which the same piece of data is held in two separate places. This can mean two different fields within a single database, or two different spots in multiple software environments or platforms.

2. Inventory Inaccuracy
Inventory inaccuracy is a main issue in businesses dealing with physical assets. The aim of this paper is to examine the relationship between inventory inaccuracy and performance in a retail supply chain. We simulate a three echelon supply chain with one product in which end-customer demand is exchanged between the echelons.

3. Insufficient Reporting
Insufficient reporting is related to the lack of complete reporting with cross department data and also real time visibility into the status of all processes from quote to cash for decision makers.

4. Manual Paper Processes
For many organizations, information control processes are managed separately by different departments. This proves ineffective as individuals in one department lack visibility into important data control procedures implemented within other departments. In addition to the challenge of coordinating disparate electronic data management methods, the problem is frequently exacerbated by the use of archaic, manual processes for storing and organizing critical documentation in physical file folders.

5. Low Customer Retention
Customer retention refers to the activities and actions companies and organizations take to reduce the number of customer defections. It is important to remember that customer retention begins with the first contact a customer has with a company and continues throughout the entire lifetime of the relationship.

6. Maintaining Separate Systems
If a company is not using a system then they will likely be using accounting applications, spreadsheets, desktop applications, home grown applications and disparate applications. All of these systems increase the chances of contradictory data because they are hard to maintain and update and have an overall larger cost for doing so.

Financial Accounts Test no.1

Financial accounts Test no.1

The following statements of comprehensive income were taken from “P” Ltd and “S” Ltd for the year ended 31st December 2016.

P Ltd
S Ltd
Cost of sales
( 50000)
Gross profit                                                                
Other income
Administration expenses 
Distribution expenses
Finance cost
Profit before tax
Profit for the year
Retained earnings B/F                                              
Retained earnings C/D                                             

 You are provided with the following information.
1.       “P” Ltd acquired 80% of equity shares in “S” Ltd on 1st January 2014 when the retained earnings of “S” Ltd were Rs:25,000/=
2.       “P” Ltd sold Rs:60,000/=  worth of goods to “S” Ltd during the year and “P” Ltd keeps a markup of 25% on cost. However there were inventories of Rs:30,000/=  and Rs:25,000/=  respectively in “S” Ltd as at 1st January 2016 and 31st December 2016.
3.       “P” Ltd’ s  other income includes the  dividend income received from “S” Ltd for the year ending 31st December 2016.
4.       On the acquisition date, the fair value of assets were noted as follows.

Assets                                                   Carrying value                                   Fair value
Plant                                                      30000                                                    60000
Machinery                                          35000                                                    55000

5.       The plant had a life time of 6 years and machinery had a life time of 5 years as at the acquisition date. And also the plant that recognized at the fair value in the acquisition date was sold during the year of 2015 at RS:100,00/=. Both depreciations are charged to cost of sales.

You are required to prepare the consolidated income statement and statement of changes in equity for the year ending 31st December 2016.

Fiverr lesson 5

5. Bringing exposure to your gigs

So you created plenty of gigs and are ready to start making a lot of money. But you get only a few sales every once in a while and you think you can do more. Check this chapter for ways to sky-rocket your sales! I believe this chapter alone is worth the entire price of the eBook. These methods can be applied to any way to make money with Fiverr, either from lesson 3 or 4.

5.1 PM everybody that bought related gigs
Now, some while ago it was possible to virtually PM everybody on Fiverr - and obviously that got quickly abused. Everyone that had a gig running was sending messages like crazy to everybody else, so Fiverr pulled that option. Now you can only PM sellers - and we don't want to do that, do we?
Well, umm, no. Kinda.
What I am going to show you is a GOLDMINE.
Ok, so let's say you are using method 4.2 with Unicode, so you are selling articles. Go to the "Writing and Translation" category and sort the gigs by rating. Right now this is the first rated gig:
It offers one 500 word article. Well, you are offering 3 for the same price. Go see the positive reviews. There are 421 buyers that left a review, that means 421 potential buyers for your gig. But how do you contact them? First, copy as many usernames in a separate text file as possible, starting from the most recent.
For the sake of this I took the username princekott.
Now click on "Contact Seller" button on the gig page. It will take you to a private PM to the seller, mnoto19. The URL looks like this:
Now we actually, want to PM princekott, right? Here is the trick. Replace the name of the seller from the url with the name of your potential buyer. In this case, the url would look like this:
Check it out. Nice, right? However, this will only work with buyers that have received a rating or are selling their own gigs on Fiverr. It is still a really nice method to contact a lot of people and get a few extra sales to bump your gigs. In order to see whether a buyer has any rating or any gigs running, click their name. If it says "Not rated yet" and no gigs appear lower, then this buyer is out of reach.

5.2 Make your gig look HOT
Potential buyers will love to see that you have lots of positive feedback and lots of orders in queue. In this sub-chapter we will cover the "lots of orders in queue" part:

1. create another account
2. change your time delivery gig to 30 days
3. buy your own gig 10 times
4. change you gig time back down to 24 hrs

Now when people come to your gig they will see that you have
10 orders in the queue - Your gig will look hot.
After 29 days you just have mutual cancellation of your 10 orders - that does not reflect in a negative way on your account.
Then you start over. Note though that while you will get your money back, you won't be able to withdraw them again from Paypal - you will however be able to purchase other Fiverr gigs or do this method again for another 30 days :)

5.3 Buying fake reviews
This works the exact same way as the sub-chapter above, but instead of cancelling the gig, you leave a nice feedback. Fiverr will take $1 as their
profits though, so you will only get $4 of your $5. However, you will quickly make your money back.
Use multiple accounts for this one though, not just one account as above - potential buyers love to see diversity. Also, go on forums, chat boards, anything really, and offer your gig for free. Tell the members there that you will pay them back $5 once they purchase your gig and leave a positive feedback. This way, you get a lot of diversity from lots of accounts from different countries and IP's , and is still costs you only $1.

Fiverr lesson 4

4. The REAL way to make big money

In this chapter I will show you 3 easy methods that take little time to implement and bring huge profits. Each method is a goldmine on its one, but combined, these three could bring you a really solid income.

4.1 Selling traffic
This one is possibly the one that would bring the least money of the three, but it's still a solid method.
1) Go to fiverr and create a gig titled "I will send you 2000 REAL visitors your website for $5", or something to that effect (emphasize on the fact that they are "real" visitors)
2) Write a good description. Read other top sellers descriptions to get ideas. Make it clear that although you are sending real visitors, you don't guarantee sales but it is good for Alexa rankings, etc (you don't want a buyer who was expecting conversions to leave negative feedback and destroy your rating). Also mention that you don't allow sites with frame breaking scripts or popups on entry/exit (I'll explain why below).
3) Make a video! This is really important. I see so many sellers on fiverr without videos. There are hundreds of sellers out there and you need to outrank them in the gig search results. You can make your own free videos by searching on Google "royalty free background videos" and "royalty free soundtracks", combine them together, and adding some text effects using Windows Movie Maker. Also add ALL relevant keywords to your description!
4) Now when you get your first sale, simply go to Linkbucks and sign up for their service. Use their interstitial ads and you will get as low as $0.1 per 1000 visitors (from China). This means you can offer 10,000 real visitors and you only lose $1. Now go to Fiverr and see how many sellers provide 10,000 real visitors. Not too many. Now, if you want to provide 20,000 real visitors, it will cost you $2. I am telling you, VERY FEW sellers provide 20,000 real visitors on Fiverr.
5) Send the traffic to your customer!
Feedback is important to getting sales on Fiverr. So for your first few customers, you could offer to send another "2000 free visitors" if they agree to leave you a positive feedback.
If you're creative, may be you could add your own twist to the gig (e.g. bonuses).
Now it is important to note that sometimes traffic from China is not available because of the HUGE demand, and that's why you should not go as ambitious as 20,000. You could go with 5,000 visitors plus an additional BONUS 5,000 visitors for the first 20-30 purchases, just so you could easily get positive feedback and fast. Also you will find plenty of methods to increase your sales in chapter 5.
NOTE !!!
You must state in your gig that the buyer has to track the traffic himself (suggest Google Analytics). Also, you have to hide the source as Linkbucks because in this way they might visit the website and find out that you sold them $1 worth of traffic for $5. For that you should (and I strongly recommend you to) have an independent website to use for the gigs and redirect them to your buyer's link. So the traffic from Linkbucks goes to your website and you redirect them to your buyer's link. This way the buyer will see the source of the traffic as your website, and not Linkbucks.
Here is a simple script that you should put between the <head> tags in the page you want to redirect from:]
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=">
It is important that you:
1.make it clear that this traffic is not for conversions and
2. mix in a bit of traffic from other countries.
Because some buyers will see all the traffic coming from China and will think you're a bit dodgy.

4.2 Unicode magic.
Now this is the method that brought me the MOST money throughout my time using Fiverr.
This method involves selling articles, without actually writing them :)
You will think this is about spun articles, but you are mistaken. Very few people know about this method, and it has yet to been exploited. Also, I truly believe this method will never be saturated, because there will always be people wanting to buy articles.

What I am talking about is a tool that will:
  • Get You Unlimited Highly-Targeted Niche Specific Articles
  • Generate Articles that are 100% UNIQUE to the Search Engines
  • Generate Articles That will pass CopyScape at 100%
  • Deliver Readability of the Articles That is equivalent to COLEGE LEVEL WRITING
  • Generate Articles in Under 1 Second flat Even if They Are 1000+ Words Long
Now this may sound as a lot of hype but here is what I am talking about:
This is what you have to do:
You find an article with your keyword and niche (I love PLR or EZINE articles, both of high quality)
You copy and paste it into a special tool (more on that later) and hit “do it"
In less than 1 second (even if the article is 1000 words) the new article is generated. Only it “appears" to have not been altered. In fact, to the naked eye the article looks as if the software did nothing but generate an exact replica of the article submitted.
You are right, but you are also wrong. What you cannot see (but search engines can) is that the program encoded the stopwords throughout the article with coding that is invisible to the naked eye.
So to you and I, the article appears “normal" with no funny coding or weird characters. But to the search engines they see the stop words as unique, while leaving the ALL IMPORTANT “keywords" intact and unaffected.
The result is a 100% unique, keyword targeted article that will pass Copyscape Premium at 100%
Now, the method itself:
Go to Fiverr and create several gigs: one offering 3 x 500+ words articles , another offering 4 x 400+ words articles, you get the idea. Now, buyers will see your gig and buy it without even THINKING because you offer so many articles for just $5!!! All you have to do is introduce their keywords in ezine articles, copy some random articles related to their keywords from there and paste them into the tool, then copy the result and paste it into a MS WORD document, save it and send it to the buyer. BAM - $4 in less than 5 minutes.
Some buyers will find out that your articles are actually copy/pasted and will ask for a refund - DO THAT IMMEDIATELY AND APOLOGIZE. From my testing it's roughly 1 in 20 buyers that find out about the trick, and you don't want your method revealed so you refund them on the spot. If they are refunded they can't leave a negative feedback and hence, your stream of orders will be secure.
Also, some buyers will just leave a negative review. Close that gig and open another one. Do that until your account's rating drops below 85-90%. That's when you have to pack up your stuff and open a new account.
Fiverr wants a different Paypal email address for each account, but you actually need only one Paypal account and all you have to do is associate several email addresses with it.
As I said, there are several tools out there; I am not affiliated to any of them. Here you go, the one that I have personally worked with and can guarantee it works:
They will require you to pay a monthly fee of $47.
HOWEVER, I am also selling a similar tool of my own. You can purchase it here:
I'm also selling this as a standalone WSO and it goes for $47 (yes it is a one-time fee, and not monthly like the competition). But, for my valued customers I am offering a staggering $20 OFF. Go here NOW to take advantage of this awesome discount: TIPS
In instructions, tell the buyer to give a broad topic and not very specific topics because more specific topics will mean you require more time to find the article. We don’t want this because I don’t think spending more
than 10-15 minutes per order is worth anyone's time because it's hardly 4$.
In the gig description say that the articles will be unique and that they will pass Copyscape but don't say that you would actually write the articles yourself. If you are more of a moral person you could tell them that the articles are actually altered, but that will severely cut through your sales.
The beauty about this method is that even a monkey can do it. Open several accounts, set up the gigs and then head over to Freelancer and hire a couple of guys to handle the accounts. Tell them you will pay them $1 for each gig they deliver. Most guys on Freelancer work a lot more than 5-6 minutes for $1 so they will actually be very happy. Also, some of them will go the extra mile for free and start contacting potential buyers and creating gigs themselves. And the best part is that you get to keep $3 per order without lifting a finger.

4.3 Reselling Fiverr Gigs
First, just to clear some points up:
A) This method requires a big start up time, but then results flow in.
B) This method does require investment as all of those from chapter 4 do
C) This method DOES WORK and it was 100% PROVEN.
D) I made over $900 with this method. You should be at least able to get one sale at the least!
1) The point of this method is to basically resell some Fiverr gigs for more than the usual $5. There are hundreds of gigs on fiverr and most of them are complete bullshit and don't help you in any way with your rankings. However, a small percentage of them are definitely a quality gig which can definitely help your rankings, and the best thing? It's just $5. Quality gigs? When I say quality, I do not mean quantity. Don't buy a list that offers 50k links to your money site. This is probably going to hurt your rankings. Instead, choose a gig which gives you 1000 social bookmarks or 2000 unique wiki links.
2) So that is what you need to do first. Find a good fiverr gig which is definitely worth more than $5. Blogroll links sell well and there are gemstones on fiverr. The other day, I saw a PR 6 blogroll link go up for $5. PR 6 blogrolls can sometimes even break into the 3 digits so they are always valuable. Another one I found was 2000 unique wiki links in 24 hours. This is a good choice as you get to send your buyer the report in a
very fast time. This enables you to possible manage more orders without worrying about turnaround time. And 2000 unique wiki links at $5? I've seen services like this sell for as much as $50 on other places. But one thing is sure - it is certainly worth more than $5. Another gig I found was 1000 social bookmarks. These can value anything from $15-40 so that definitely is a quality service. Pick a good gig. Make sure it is worth more than $5.
3) Find a free website builder. Weebly will do fine although one of my website was deleted the next day. You should pay for hosting/domains if you want.. Now add a catchy title, for example, "Exit this page if you do not want to rank Page 1 for your keyword!" or something along those lines. Then below just write a quick few lines on SEO. And then below that explain briefly your service (the gig you are promoting). Include a few images and just make the whole website simple. So for example:
"You've come to the right place!
Yes, that's right. You can now rank Page 1 for your term without investing a huge amount of money!
Wait.. what? Read on.
You may have bought many link building packages in the past and wasted $XX-XXX+. But did the service work? Did it help achieve the rankings you desired? Did it help boost your SERPs like they claimed? No? Then you are on the right page.
Read on.
With this cheap package, you are getting 2000 UNIQUE Wiki Links. Why wiki links? Because they have been proven to work. And they work really well. Unlike the other usual bookmarks, article submissions and blog posts - wiki posts have recently been very valuable in the SERPs and many people have seen tremendous results.
And to give this package a little more juice, we have added 10 high PR 1-5 MANUAL blog commenting. Now you're probably thinking this going to cost you a lot of money? Well think again, 2000 Unique Wiki Links and the blog comments are mostly sold around the Internet for as much as $50. Here you are getting it for $20 ONLY! Hard to believe right? And if that was not enough, we offer you a 48 hour delivery limit. So you get your report WITH ALL LINKS in within 48 hours!
And with Paypal's extra security, you can ensure that this deal is legit and certainly the cheapest online!
Click here to order now and lock yourself in at this cheap price!"
You might have a few questions: From where was I getting the blog commenting? Well that is easy: another Fiverr gig! You have to add value to your current service. So once you have picked your gig, pick a +1. This can be blog commenting, a few high pr profiles, a few edu backlinks, whatever. This +1 will add value to your package and make your whole package seem a lot better (although it may not be).
And with the time, things can go wrong sometimes. If the seller fails to deliver in 24 hours on fiverr, you are fucked. So just add on another day or two to be on the safe side of things.
4) So now you have set up a website, added content, made the website look attractive. Up till now, you may have spent a few hours maybe? Good. Only a few more hours of work and you are ready to go. Now is the hard part. Promoting. I am going to outline a few ways to spread the word of your website.
A) Scrapebox blasts seemed to work for me. I did a normal 30-50k blast and got over 10k live links. This managed to get me 10% of my traffic. Just point the blast to your money site. (We don't care if the websites get deleted). This isn't a money making scheme on the long run, its a quick short term method. So if your website gets deleted, don't panic. Just get a backup of the website and build another one in minutes. If you buy a domain, buy it from another registrar. So for example, if you created a website with Weebly - then buy a domain with Namecheap. So if your Weebly gets deleted, you can redirect the other domain to the new website you create.
B) Chat box promotions. One example is (not my website and I am not affiliated with it). Find some general SEO related chat boxes. So for example, a Wordpress chat, a Money making chat, a Google related chat. Anything that has a small connection with SEO itself. Just go in there and spam your link slowly. In order not to get banned, just PM your link to every person on the chat. Make your message quick and flashy. For e.g.: "Get ranked in Page 1 FAST - (your link)".
C) Freelancers. Hire a V/A or freelancer for a daily 4-8 hour job. This can cost anywhere from $10-20+. They will work under your commands for 4
hours. (or more). Give them a list of blogs to spam, a list of chat boxes to spam and so on. Then just monitor them every now and them to see how they are doing. This is for the people who cannot be fucked to do it themselves.
D) Forum promotion. Visit some other SEO related forums. (Do not do this on WF). Some forums allow you to have signatures straight away with links. If that is the case for you, then go ahead and post your website link along with an one liner in your signature. If you cannot post links, just write, "PM me and I will teach you how to get page 1 ranking FAST". Then just do a few posts on the forum and people should see your signature and PM you.
Another method (might not work as well) is to make a post on that forum and tell them about your own website as if you are reviewing it. For e.g.:
"Found out about (your link) recently.
Like you, I thought it was a scam but these are my results.. bla bla bla.."
Make your service seem positive and people may PM you asking for the links.
5) Once you have done the promotion, just wait. You can use Paypal to take payments on your main website. Paypal should not have an issue with this kind of method but if you want to be on the safe side, then use an alternative like 2Checkout or Plimus and then buy the fiverr gigs separately using your Paypal.
Let's say you get a sale.
"Jacob Mica Richards has bought PACKAGE 1 for $20."
Put a contact form on your website and let users fill out the details after they pay. You can do this adding a redirection successful URL when creating your Paypal button.
Then just get your information you got from the buyer, buy the two $5 gig - and after 24 hours, deliver it to the buyer. Easy $10 profit. You can, however, price your package much higher. I priced it $20 as that is really low and you are certain to make some good sales. You can make it as high as $50 per sale, but sales may be lower. However, one sale at $50 may be better than 2 or 3 smaller prices sales.
You get the idea.
Once you manage to bank some with this, make more websites. Rinse it up. Repeat. And you should be doing well.

4.4 Make $100, not $5

This is the fun part. When delivering your product, don’t upload it to Fiverr. Upload it to a file-sharing site and put a password on the file. I like Mediafire. Don’t use some BS like Sharecash or something with a content blocker. It’s not worth losing a client over. In the file add your contact information, and tell them to contact you through that, email is great to start out with. Ask them if they have downloaded the file, then delete it from the source. If they say they’ll DL later, then tell them to tell you when they can download it. We don’t want admins seeing what’s inside the file.
If you have provided excellent service like specified above, then you will get more orders from that person. Most people know that for $5 they will get a limited amount of service, but if you blow them out of the water, then they will be glad to pay you more. If they refuse to talk to you through email or say that they don’t trust you yet, tell them that this is as much as you can do for $4. Even though they are paying $5, you only get $4 for your efforts.
Now, there will come a time when you get a troll. Trolls are easy to spot: some attributes include sending you multiple messages without giving you a chance to answer; changing their requirements halfway through; asking to do other tasks for them. Again, be polite and restate the service provided, and what info they have provided. Trolls can be converted into valuable clients, but have a pack of smokes or a stress ball nearby (avoid alcohol). In this case, just finish up the order as fast as possible, and do the same thing written above where you send them your contact info. If you can get them to pay more, then go for it. If they end up being a bitch, then just cancel the order. Your rating will go down, but it’s not worth your time. If your rating falls below 90%, then make another account.
When processing more orders with clients through email, ask them a few personal questions like where they are from. Don’t get too personal, but be friendly.
7. This is an extra option, which you can skip if you want. It's great if you have a site offering services. You can then refer them to that site, and give them a bit of a discount for the first or second order, and a discount to people they refer.
If you don’t have one, set up a site really quick with some good-looking theme that you can get for free. Optimize it for SEO with 2-5 pages. If you do this for the long term, you’ll get natural backlinks if you don’t have time to do external SEO, or hire someone to do it. Set up the prices to be above what you’re charging the client. And tell them that their friends will also get the same price if they mention your client.

Fiverr lesson 3

3. How to make money with Fiverr even if you don't have a dime to invest

First of all you should always follow some simple marketing principles that apply to any place where you want to sell something - even in the "real" world:
  • When working with a client, be polite, use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. It looks a lot more professional and communication will be more effective. This is overlooked, but every bit counts.
  • Provide excellent service and deliver an excellent product. Whatever time you spent on gigs before, take double the time to do it. This is what makes you different from everyone else. Just because you're getting paid $4 to do something doesn't mean you should deliver $4 work. And as we all know, the lower the price the more people expect you to wait on them hand and foot for some reason.
Note: For those whiny a-holes, who expect you to feed them grapes from a silver platter, drop them. If they threaten to leave a bad review, tell them to F off - it is the risk of the job

3.1 How to set up your gig so that you get maximum sales

I will start off by outlining the "5 Golden Rules of Fiverr":

Did You Know?:
Fiverr itself takes one dollar from the seller for each sale, so the seller makes 4 dollars per sale.
Think with me... about all the fast food chains out there that have their dollar/value meals. $1 for a cheeseburger. Might not seem like a lot, but
when you have 10+ items on the dollar menu, selling millions a day, it adds up. And that's exactly our mentality for our fiverr gigs. It all adds up.
I want to outline some "golden rules" which will help skyrocket your fiverr earnings overnight:
Rule 1: ALWAYS Upload A Video For Each Gig
This rule may just be the most important rule. If you are charismatic and entertaining, this will increase sales as well. Just be clear and to the point. There may be a gig that is a better offer than yours, but if you have a great video, you will find your gig will continue to get more sales than your competitors. A TIP that you may not know is fiverr moderators actually view each video individually. If you mention once or twice, you will find yourself ending up on the first page, starting off with a little boost. This little trick has been working for me since I started really getting into fiverr, so I know it'll work for you. Use these tips above and you will see an increase in sales of about 75%.
Rule 2: Pick A Creative, Specific, And Eye Catching Title
This may be the oldest view increaser in the books, though it still works like a charm today. There are countless gigs out with titles such as “I will sing a song for $5” or “I will do graphic design for $5”. These are NOT good titles! An improvement would be “I will sing a PROFESSIONIAL amazing song for $5”. While this may not be the best title in the world, it's way more catchy that the first too. And that's really all you need. Another good one would be “I will design a KILLER amazing artist piece of art for $5”. I'm not sure if you noticed, but the two "good" examples have one word in all caps. It is part of Fiverr’s policy that only ONE word in the title can be all capital letters. TIP: take advantage of this and use that capital word to captivate the eyes of the browsers. Another TIP is to add “Within 24 hours” to some of your gigs that you can complete within this amount of time. Only do this if you are POSITIVE you can complete the gigs in this amount of time. If you can, you will increase your sales by up to 20%.
Rule 3: Upload a Custom Made Picture
You are required to upload a picture about the service you are providing. When you are doing this, try to use Photoshop. MS Paint will also do just fine, although I prefer Gimp. Create a flashy custom made image which represents your gig. Do NOT download a generic picture in google images for the sake of having a picture. The time you put into ensuring that your service is advertised as professional as possible will go a long way.
Rule 4: Have A Long And Articulate Description
When it comes to writing a description, the more words the merrier! Do not write two sentences and be general, explain how your product is amazing. Explain what you will do IN DETAIL and explain in as many words as possible the features of this service. Be very articulate and professional sounding, remember the costumer is only spending 5 dollars but he/she still doesn’t want to throw it away. Rather if they see that the seller has taken time to explain in detail the product, they will be more comfortable to spend that five dollars.
Rule 5: Always Have 20 Gigs Active At Once
The maximum numbers of gigs you can have at once as a seller on Fiverr is 20. If you have any less then that, you are simply not putting yourself in
a position to gain maximum profits. You have to be creative enough to come up with 20 things you can do for people for five dollars, even if many of the
gigs only get a couple orders a week. The key thing you must remember is creating multiple streams of income for yourself. That a gig that is just sitting there collecting two orders a week bringing in $8 a week is actually bringing In $32 a month and almost $400 annually. Which adds up to your total as a Fiverr Seller. In addition to this, every gig brings traffic to your page profile, which brings traffic to your other gigs! So the more you are on fiverr the better. TIP: have gigs in different sections not just the same one or two. It is important to spread yourself around be seen in many categories. This will broaden your customer base and may bring someone who originally purchased graphics from you, now purchasing music & audio.
These five golden rules should ALWAYS be applied to ALL of your gigs. If you practice these five golden rules of fiverr to the tee and do them correctly, you will earn drastically increase your profits on SELLING FIVERR GIGS.
The great part about it is if you have not earned money online yet or if you are a relative new comer, having that fiverr money roll in will be a great motivation, and it will let you have a taste of what is to come your way. But what if you've never sold on fiverr? No problem. I have some great, tested ideas that will start making you money THIS WEEK.

But first here are some other tips that may come in helpful:

  • When creating your gig, be very descriptive. Include a clause saying that you’re offering extra service for the first x number of people who order. Or something like, limited time offer – extra services. Don’t set a time limit though, because we’re not actually going to take it off.
Ex: With every order, you get 1 free banner. This is a limited time offer. Order now!

  • When adding the tags, type in the keyword that you’re going after and get a list of all of the tags that appear on the first and second page. Remove the duplicates; find out how much you can fit in there. If there aren't enough good keywords type them into G search and look at the suggestions. As a last resort go to a thesaurus and find something related to your KW. However this can sometimes skew your target audience, so use it only when you have a mental block.
  • The picture should be simple and reflect your service. You should also add clear text to the image – one word with your keyword will most likely be good. The ideal dimensions are 385x266. The color that you should use for the background of the picture should be red. Everyone uses blue because that’s what people associate with friendliness. However, if you do it, you won’t stand out. I haven’t done extensive testing on this, but my results were good with it, so if anyone else has experience with it, chime in.
  • The delivery date should be set to 1 day. You will go over, but what you do is keep asking questions. Send messages to your client so they feel like it’s more personalized. 99% of them won’t cancel because they have already put their trust and money into you.
  • Now when you first get an order from someone, you have to establish trust with them. To start off, you have to have at least a 90% positive rating. Anything below that will result in very few orders, and even less of what we’re trying to do. Leave this account open, but make another one with similar gigs. When you make a new account, create unique descriptions, free offers, etc. Switch up the tags as well. Keep a check on damaged account, but don’t stress over it – focus on the new one. - THIS IS CRUCIAL
3.2 Methods

Keep in mind that you should use these methods if you don't have even a dime to invest - Fiverr is about automation and there is where the real money is. If you already have money to invest please jump to lesson 4.
This chapter gives you simple methods to make money, and is for people that don't have enough money to invest or perhaps don't want to invest their own money.

The methods outlined here will make you sufficient money to join "The Big League" if you use them accordingly and respect the Golden Rules of Fiverr and the other tips in the previous lesson.

Selling Logos
This is as easy as it sounds. If you don't want to mess with complicated options that Adobe Photoshop provides, just go to
They are totally free and provide hundreds of already designed logos, each in its own category where all you have to do is input the title and motto of your buyer.
The top logo providers on Fiverr promise as many as 3 logos for one purchase but with this method it would take about 30 seconds to come up with 1 logo, so you can totally blow them out of the water by offering 4 or 5. Also, it is very important here that you include among your pictures one or two logos "designed for previous customers" (if you know what I mean)
Please go to that website now and see how easy it is.

Selling "Mobile Site Versions"
This is one of the methods where you don't actually sell on Fiverr, but you use it as a means to outsource your work. It is really simple to make a ton of money with this method but you need to have patience.
Offering mobile websites to business owners is very hot right now because there are many businesses out there that still do not have a mobile website.
1. Just search on Google for business in some areas, for example: "florists in Manhattan".
2. Visit the first results of Google, but search for individual people's website rather than big corporations, because those most likely already have somebody to handle their online stuff.
For instance, if you search for dentists and come across a pharmaceutical giant company, or Dr. John Smith's at you choose the former one.
3. Look in the website some way of contact, an email, a contact form, a phone.
4. Contact the owner, explain the importance of a mobile site version and say that you can do an excellent mobile site version for only $49 ( you could actually aim higher, with $99 or even $197 - you get the point).
5. If you get a YES answer just go to fiverr search for mobile site version and choose a gig with fast delivery and nice ratings (there are plenty!)
Here I included a template that I use to sell the idea:
You just have to replace the "dentists in California" part with whatever your target niche is and the link to the sample with your own personal one (ask the fiverr seller to provide some samples).
You can make a lot of money from this method only if you send a lot of emails (50-100 a day). But there is big money to be made, I assure you. I usually get about one sale every 50 emails, but that may vary. Alternatively you could hire somebody to do the emailing for you.
Dear Sir,
I have come across your website while searching for dentists in California and would have a business proposal for you. As you know, nowadays people would check for dentists using their smartphone or tablet rather than their computer, and having a website optimized for "the smartphone experience" could give you a plus in the eyes of your customers as opposed to your competition. I could provide an excellent mobile site version of your website for as low as $99. If you would like to see a sample of my work please visit using your smartphone or tablet.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Yours faithfully,
Radu Hahaianu

Article Writing

As a Seller
This one is pretty easy and foolproof. If you can write nice articles in English you could sell them for some extra cash on Fiverr. Don't expect to make a lot of money out of this one, as there are plenty of article writing gigs already on Fiverr.
However, most of them offer 500 word articles. You could go offering 600+ words or 2 x 300 words articles. Even more important, take your time and pamper the first buyers, keep them posted, always over-deliver and always ask for a nice review.
As a Buyer
You could start selling articles on any popular Internet Marketing forum that has such a sub-forum. Then, every time you get an order you just go to Fiverr and buy the gigs.
TIP: Search for new US writers on Fiverr that are relatively young, as they tend to charge not as much and you could easily get a 500 word article or even more if you are lucky for $5. This way you can provide "Native Article Writing Service" on forums, and charge as much as $1.5 per 100 words. Most of those even go as high as $2 per 100 words so there is a lot of money to be made.


Now you have three easy to apply methods to make your first hundred dollars on Fiverr within a month or less. If you put a lot of work and dedication into these methods you could also make a lot of money, because with time you get quality feedback and therefore more orders. However, I'm pretty sure you are more interested in cashing in a lot of money with minimum work, and that is covered with 2 methods in the next lesson.